Mike's Plan


As your County Councilman, I will fully support the Anne Arundel County Police Department and ensure law enforcement has the support and resources they need.
The single most important issue that I hear talking with people is their concern about crime. People don't feel safe in their homes and communities. There have been 20 people shot in the last year.

These aren’t just numbers, they represent real people who had a father, mother, friends, and family. They are our neighbors. A 14-year-old child was paralized from a shooting. We must do better.

We unfortunately made national news when Michele Cummings, a mother visiting her son at the Naval Academy, was killed by a stray bullet. As Mayor, I did a number of things to address crime.
We had historic funding to hire police.

  • Annapolis Police Department seized a record number of handguns.
  • Partnered with the state police gun task force to reduce illegal guns.
  • I implemented the City’s first body camera program which ensured accountability and built additional trust.
  • Established community policing programs which required officers to walk the community and interact with residents which built trust.
  • I secured the most money from the State for our Safe Streets program, which funds our neighborhood policing efforts.
  • Hosted the first ever Second Chance job fair, a program that helps those with criminal records find jobs.

We also worked to create more jobs and opportunities as reducing crime can't be solved by law enforcement alone. We need more services for mental health and drug addiction. We still have an opioid crisis, and we must do more. We worked together on the County's Safe Stations initiative to combat the opioid crisis by making our police and fire stations a place where people could seek treatment with no questions asked.

Mike’s Plan to Reduce Crime

Recently the Anne Arundel County Police Chief testified before the County Council that resignations and retirements are at an all-time high while recruitment is at an all-time low. We must be more innovative and creative in attracting and hiring more officers.

I am against defunding the police and irresponsible policies that my opponent and others have recommended. For example, she wanted to allow people with a criminal record to serve on the police accountability board.

As your Councilman I will:

  • Fully support and fund our police department.
  • I will urge the state police gun task force to come in and take illegal guns off the street.
  • Insist the ATF to help with our crime.
  • Increased services for mental health and drug addiction.
  • Promote more after school programs, youth sports, and community activities.
  • Expand the Second Chance job fair, a program that helps those with criminal records find jobs.

Stopping crime is my number one priority. I have a proven track record of tackling crime and making our community safer. As your councilman, I will make our communities safer.