Why I'm Running

Please let me introduce myself. I’m Mike Pantelides, a lifelong county resident who lives with my wife Alexandra and 2 year old son Luca John. I am the former Mayor of Annapolis and candidate for Anne Arundel County Council, District 6. 

During my time as Mayor, I kept my promise to not raise taxes, stopped over development, and built the city’s first solar energy park. Leading 600 employees with a $100M budget gives me the experience to cut waste and fix the problems in county government. I am the only Mayor over a 13 year period in Annapolis to not raise the property tax rate. 

As many of you know, having a child or grandchild changes your priorities. We all want the next generation to have it better and a chance at the American Dream. I’m concerned the county is going in the wrong direction and  we need to take action now. 

As your County Councilman for District 6 I will represent the entire Annapolis peninsula stretching from Bay Ridge to Crownsville. 

I need your support now because in the past 4 years the county has:

  • Increased our property taxes, income taxes and fees 
  • Added $300 million in new spending, an 18% increase 
  • Seen violent crime rise 
  • Funded taxpayer crack pipes in public housing neighborhoods 
  • Allowed over-development and increased traffic 

Has the $300 million dollars in extra spending made your life better? 

I pledge to make our communities safer, improve public education – give parents more say, create opportunities for job growth and put our families and communities first in all decisions.

I want to make real change and look  forward to working with you and hearing your ideas on how to make the county better. We can have a bright future again if we work together.

You can trust me to do what I say because I have done it before.

Family photo final